Customer Relationship to Sell your Product

  • What is a sales strategy?
  • Why should I create one for my business?
  • How do I set up a sales strategy?

Imagine that Suman has a company that sells handmade alpaca sweaters. While the business is fine, she is facing competition from another sweater brand.

Suman hired Salesperson to persuade potential customers to buy more sweaters than their competitors. They promote her products by telling the target audience that Suman’s sweater can get you the best price.

Suman’s competitors tell that the local artisan hand-knit sweaters of the company. The company answers questions during live chat and sends potential and current customers newsletters with fashion tips. Why is the competitor outselling Suman?

Let’s find out

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Lay the Groundwork for Your First Sale

Why is it important to prepare for my first sale?

How can I position my product to make a sale?

What steps can I take to prepare for my first sale?

Imagine an animal-loving inventor name Sunil creates a collar with a built-in pedometer to track the fitness statistics of pets.

After successfully testing the collar on his pet dog, cat, pig, and rabbit, Sunil is confident that his product works (and that his pig could use more exercise).

But will the new collar sell? Do people really want to know how many steps their pets take each day?

Let’s find out Answer only YES or NO

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Put It in Writing: Creating Your Business Plan

Put It in Writing Creating Your Business Plan

What is a business plan?

Why should I put my business plan in writing?

What needs to go into my business plan?

Let’s say you and a friend need to travel across the country to attend a wedding. You have a great idea: Drive there, save money, and have fun.

Your friend isn’t so sure. She reminds you that you’re both in the wedding itself so can’t be late for it. And she mentions that neither of you know which roads to take to get there.

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Find a Business Idea That’s Right for You

  • How do I know if a business idea is good?
  • What steps can I take to come up with a big idea?
  • How do I find a market for my business idea?

Before we talk about coming up with your business idea, let’s imagine there’s a man named Alejandro who has 2 dogs that he calls his “children.”

Because he loves being around dogs, he brings his pooches everywhere with him. This even helps him befriend other dog lovers. Alejandro is enjoying life so much, he should spread the happiness by volunteering.

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Smooth Out Your Operations to Help Create Revenue

Smooth Out Your Operations to Help Create Revenue

  • What are business operations?
  • Why are efficient operations important for business growth?
  • How can I organize and measure my business operations?

athletic apparel and gear for everything from archeryImagine Gina’s Gymmer Jammers, where Gina and her team provide athletic apparel and gear for everything from archery to the martial art of zuiquan.

The business is running all right, but there’s a sense that not everything’s up to par. A bunch of orders go unfulfilled every month, and they seem to run out of croquet mallets before garden party season gets in full swing every year.

These issues sometimes lead to bad reviews for Gymmer Jammers, and Gina’s starting to get concerned. Continue reading “Smooth Out Your Operations to Help Create Revenue”