Create Content Themes That Match Your Values

  • Why do I need content themes?
  • How do I come up with them?
  • How many do I need?

Content marketing is a great way to get new customers and help people form an opinion about you business.

But you have to make sure everything you’re sharing online [blog posts, social media updates, images, etc.] reinforces your business values. That’s why it’s smart to come up with content themes.

Good news: Your current and potential customers are already giving you theme ideas by posting and sharing content they’re interested in. You just need to look for the topics that match your business values.

For example, imagine Esther runs cardio cooking – a fitness studio where people cook and burn calories simultaneously.

She promotes her brand values as: “we believe busy young professionals need a fun way to eat well and exercise at the same time.” Continue reading “Create Content Themes That Match Your Values”

Move Past Failure with Effective Storytelling

  • Why is it important that my brand acknowledges its failures?
  • How should I tell the story of a failure?
  • How can I show that I’ve moved past a failure?

Imagine there’s an online pet food store called Kimble’s kibbles that touts its products as super food for cats and dogs.

Thanks to positive reviews from 2 – and 4 – legged customers alike, business is booming and the Kimble’s team is working overtime as new sales continue to pour in. Everything’s going great.

Now imagine Kimble’s kibbles fills hundreds of dog food orders with bags of cat food. Whoops. With hungry pups on their hands, unhappy customers start barking about the mix-up on social media. How should Kimble’s respond?

Let’s find out









Making the occasional blunder it just part of doing business. So  why should you invest time in crafting a narrative of your failure? Continue reading “Move Past Failure with Effective Storytelling”

Get Customers Interested by Telling a Great Story

  • How can I use my own experiences to help my business?
  • What’s the personal approach to storytelling?
  • What’s the higher purpose approach?

Storytelling isn’t just for gatherings around the campfire. It’s also a way to make people care about your business.

What if you don’t have a story all loaded up and ready to tell?

Here’s the good news: No business is boring.

You just need to figure out what makes yours so special.

Imagine that there’s a business owner named Michael who makes hats for cats, donating part of his proceeds to animal rescues. Continue reading “Get Customers Interested by Telling a Great Story”

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