How do I get leads for SEO and Website design?


If you want to generate SEO and Website design leads for your agency, you can follow the simple steps are below.

Every one know, leads are very important to every business that’ll help your agency to grow faster then other. You know that lead generation is the process of collecting names and contact information about qualified prospects which will be contacted by the salespeople for generating orders and that is known as cold leads.

If we can add in some process and get leads, how is interested in you service and product and collect name and contact information about that leads which will be contacted by the salespeople for generating orders that is known as warm leads and that is high possibility to convert into sale.

It’s a good idea to buy SEO leads?

If you are a new agency and need some clients. I strongly recommend to purchase leads from reputed companies.

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What is SEO (Search engine optimization) and why do it?

Does this question bother you too? – No Problem!

I will tell you about SEO in very easy way.

We all know that SEO means Search Engine Optimization and SEO is done to increase the ranking of any website.

Any website is created so that people see it.

But you would be surprised to know that creating a website and seeing website are both very different things.

To create a website, it is necessary to use languages like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP and more. SEO is necessary for more and more people to see that website.

SEO help our website get first page results on Google, yahoo, Bing and increase the number of client and customer we are currently getting.

For example –

I have created a website to Buy online SEO Leads, using HTML, CSS, PHP and Bootstrap But to bring this website to you, I have used the SEO Tactics.

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Build Your Email Marketing A-Team

Build Your Email Marketing A-Team

You have some questions example are below…

  • Why should I consider hiring a team to do my email marketing?
  • What should I look for when hiring people for my team?
  • What are the core roles and responsibilities of an email marketing team?

Email specialist, email marketer, email manager, email marketing strategist. Are not all these job titles for people who send out marketing emails?

Actually, these people make sure that email is an integral part of your marketing, that is drives sales to your business, and that whatever you send out is part of a bigger strategy. Continue reading “Build Your Email Marketing A-Team”

Customer Relationship to Sell your Product

  • What is a sales strategy?
  • Why should I create one for my business?
  • How do I set up a sales strategy?

Imagine that Suman has a company that sells handmade alpaca sweaters. While the business is fine, she is facing competition from another sweater brand.

Suman hired Salesperson to persuade potential customers to buy more sweaters than their competitors. They promote her products by telling the target audience that Suman’s sweater can get you the best price.

Suman’s competitors tell that the local artisan hand-knit sweaters of the company. The company answers questions during live chat and sends potential and current customers newsletters with fashion tips. Why is the competitor outselling Suman?

Let’s find out

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Lay the Groundwork for Your First Sale

Why is it important to prepare for my first sale?

How can I position my product to make a sale?

What steps can I take to prepare for my first sale?

Imagine an animal-loving inventor name Sunil creates a collar with a built-in pedometer to track the fitness statistics of pets.

After successfully testing the collar on his pet dog, cat, pig, and rabbit, Sunil is confident that his product works (and that his pig could use more exercise).

But will the new collar sell? Do people really want to know how many steps their pets take each day?

Let’s find out Answer only YES or NO

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