Why a Business Email Address Is Good for Business

  • What’s the difference between a business email address and a personal one?
  • Why should I have a business email address?
  • How do I get a business email address?

Imagine you own a home that’s overdue for a paint job. You’ve been meaning to paint it yourself, but finally admit you need to hire someone to do it for you.

You head down to your local hardware store and post a “House Painter Wanted” ad on the communal bulletin board. The next day, you check your email and see you already have 2 responses to your ad.

The first thing you notice is the applicants’ email addresses.

One seems way more trustworthy than the other, so you only reply to that address. Continue reading “Why a Business Email Address Is Good for Business”

Keep Customers Interested with Email Automation

  • What is email automation?
  • How can I use it to help my business?
  • How does it help my customers stay interested and engaged?

Email automation. Not the warmest-sounding subject out there, right? But let’s look at it in a different way.

Email automation is like a large party where everyone is mingling and getting to know each other. Show me how

Answer 3rd – Exactly. Continue reading “Keep Customers Interested with Email Automation”

Get to the Point: Tips for Crafting Effective Emails

  • How can effective email communication help my business and brand?
  • How can I craft effective emails?
  • How can I make sure I’m responding to emails properly?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” And that’s definitely true for all business communication, including emails.

Emails lack body language and tone of voice. That’s why you have to make them clear, relevant, and appropriate. Otherwise, you might end up with a communication breakdown between you and the people you’re sending email to.

Let’s explore this by imagining that account executive Alex emails brand manager Barbara to recap their meeting about a new campaign they’re launching.

Alex composes 2 different versions of the email. Let’s read them both….

Which email will be easier to understand?

Continue reading “Get to the Point: Tips for Crafting Effective Emails”

The Non-Spammy way to Build an Email List

  • Why is building an email or newsletter subscriber list important?
  • How can I help people understand the value in signing up for my emails or newsletters?
  • How can I use my online content to convince people to sign up?

Imagine you’re at a business conference, networking like a pro. You meet someone who seems like a great contact to have in the future.

But you wait too long to ask for their business card and lose them in the crowd of people rushing to get free conference T-shirts. Now, imagine this situation is about your business engaging with a new customer.

If you don’t ask to keep in touch with the customer, you might lose the chance to reach out to them later. However, if you ask for their email address at the right moment, you can add them to your email marketing list. But is email marketing really worth all that effort? Let’s find out.

“91% of people check their email everyday, and you can tailor your message for different recipients. Plus, email marketing is fairly straightforward to set up – which is why a lot of businesses use it as one of their first marketing channels. On top of that tracking engagement rates is easy, so you can know whether your marketing is working.”

Continue reading “The Non-Spammy way to Build an Email List”

Make Email Marketing Your Secret Weapon

  • Why should I do email marketing?
  • What types of emails can I send?
  • What are the best ways to measure my email marketing’s success?

It’s easy to take email for granted. It’s something that’s almost too available, you use it fairly often , you have it at work and at home…wait. Let’s think about that.

How many times have you checked your email today? Once? Twice?

Are you checking it right now?

The percentage of people that check their emails at least once a day is: 30%, 60% or 91%

Answer is 91% of people spend quality time with their inboxes every day.

That means email is probably the one channel that ALL of your customers and fans will be on, which is pretty amazing. And that’s where email marketing comes in.

Email marketing is great for a lot of reasons, but here are 4 good ones….

Email marketing connects you directly with your customers. People’s inboxes are often their  “To DO” lists – and your email can be part of that list.

You can also get really targeted. It’s possible to send a different message and different call to action to every single contact you have. Continue reading “Make Email Marketing Your Secret Weapon”

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